How do I place my order?

Simply send us an email at for all order enquiries and include the date of your event, estimated number of servings required, cake designs/themes (provide images if possible) and budget if any!

How far in advance should I place my order? What if I have a last minute order?

Orders are encouraged to be placed at least 2-3 weeks in advance, as slots are available on a first come first served basis. However, should your event be within a shorter notice, do not hesitate to contact us immediately as we will still accept orders as long as slots are available.

I would like to order a customized cake but I am unsure of what I want.

You may refer to our gallery for cake designs we’ve done so far, select designs from online, or even combine elements from the different designs! Also you may let us in on more details with regard to the party’s theme, recipient’s hobbies and preferences, budget etc.

My party will be small, but I would like a big cake without having too much leftovers.

No problem! We can design the cake such that part of the cake is made of edible cake, and a part of it to be constructed with styrofoam dummy cake etc.

Why do you go by serving sizes to determine the suitable cake size, instead of going by weight of cake?

Most of our cakes are dense cakes instead of sponge cakes, especially in the case of fondant cakes. Our cakes are also layered with buttercream/ganache frostings, hence are denser and heavier than typical fresh cream sponge cakes. In addition, 3d cakes have very unique sizes which make weight estimation more difficult than servings estimation.

What is your minimum order quantity?

  • Cakes: our smallest cake size is a 4.5” round. 3D cakes, however, do not have size restrictions.

  • Cupcakes: 8 pc

  • Cake pops: 12 pc

What is the average cost of cakes and cupcakes?

Prices vary as it depends on the level of customization and amount of complexity involved in the cake/cupcake designs. For pricing enquiries, kindly send us an email at

How do I confirm an order?

Your order will only be confirmed and processed after the invoice is verified by you, via full payment.

How should I transport my cake after collection?

Driving/cabbing is highly recommended as it ensures that the cake is kept in a constantly cool environment (blast the air con if possible!). It would be best if a person drives while the other holds and support the cake carefully. Drive slowly, especially at turns and humps, as most cakes are fragile.

How should I store my cake for the party after collection?

Fondant/Buttercream cakes, cupcakes and cake pops etc should all be stored in the refrigerator, or in an air conditioned environment of at least 22 degrees.

Which type of environment is best to display my cake?

The optimal environment temperature is 22 degrees. The frostings used in cakes generally soften and melt at about 28 degrees. While the fondant layer itself does not melt so quickly, softened frostings underneath will pull and tug at the fondant layer, resulting in it sagging and affecting the overall look.

How should I store excess cake and for how long can I keep them?

Uneaten cake should be kept wrapped or covered, in the refrigerator and for no longer than 3 days. When the cake is taken out from the refrigerator, let it sit for about 15 minutes before consumption. Cakes that are stored overnight in refrigerators tend to taste dry and hard initially. However, once the cake warms up slightly, it will be soft and moist again! 

What should I do if my cake gets damaged after collection?

We will not be responsible for any damages that occur to the cake after it has been inspected and handed over to the customer. Hence, customers are strongly advised to keep the cake at the recommended temperature and handle the cake with care during transportation.  However, should the cake be damaged by accident after collection, please contact us immediately and we will do whatever is within our means to try to salvage it for you!

Mode of Collection/Delivery

Self collection may be made at Upper Bukit Timah. Alternatively, delivery may be opted. Do provide us with the location and timing for delivery quotes.

Payment information

Modes of payment include ATM Transfer, Online Banking and Interbank Transfers to our POSB account.

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